Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Life's tough get a helmet!!

Life gets harder the older we get. It is inevitable, I am figuring out. I know I have said this in like every blog post but this past couple of months have been quite intense. But no matter how tough it has gotten I have had a few friend who have made it all bearable.
Ashley has been through thick and thin with me and pretty much knows me better than any one on this earth. When I cry she cries when shes sad I am sad. I dont know anyone else who I can laugh so hard that I cry, almost die, then laugh and get so serious only to laugh again two seconds later.... all the while completely understand the whole ordeal.... and trying to smell her jacket. I wish I lived closer to her I miss being able to see her everyday of life.

Jackie is so far away but one of my favorite people. I remember one time her Mom said to me... "It doesnt matter if you ever see each other again you are sisters and will live together for eternity one day" It just reminded me how much our short times together have changed my life. You have such a great view of the world and get me no matter how long it has been since our last visit. We pick up right where we left off. Not a one has come close to being that influential in such a short amount of time. I charish our moments and know that there will be PLENTY more to come because we will have all eternity to be sisters.

Lindsey all though I live farther away and dont get home as much as I should she has brightened my life by being there when ever I need her. I am sorry that I am not there for her as much as I should be but I hope she knows that she is and always will be my best friend.... plus I have never been able to convince another soul that there was another world in my closet or that the beany babies come alive when your back is turned.

Ryan, ups and downs, break ups and make ups he has turned in to one of my best friends. He has been in my life longer than anyone who isnt family, although he doesnt quite remember a lot of it he likes to pretend though.... He is always the first to offer help when I want it and jump in and help when I need it (but dont want it).

Shelly, Danny,Christie, and Tim have all made my college life better. I know at times I can be a real pain but they all stick with me. I have been with Shelly before she dropped the MI and added the Y and I know that She will always be right down the road when I need her. Danny has made my house not so lonely on days when you just want to be lonely. I thank him every day for his random drop ins not allowing me to cry more than necessary by feeding Mac and cheese till I almost exploded. Christie is always so willing to do what it takes to make me smile she is the most caring roommate ever I couldnt have gotten more lucky. And last but oh so not least Tim can make me laugh when no one else in the world can. Its great to have a friend that lasts and he is one of the few who can withstand times test.

Amy and Raul, my newest additions and a pretty vital part I laugh like I never have with you.... Booty dancing and church you make my life good all around I cant wait for more great times together.

Casey so much to say but none of it would do him justice. Miss him more than life and wish he was here/

And Finally (I know this is so long ) Micah, he makes me smile and I like it.... which is all im gonna say about that ;]

Thanks so much for all of my amazing friends who love me and get me threw lifes crazy times! They are my helmet in this crazy world!

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Ashley :) said...

Sarah, my love, I love you and miss you and I can't wait until we almost die together....again. LOL :)

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