Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remember That One Time....

Hey! Remember me?  Yeah I didn't think so just to refresh your memory I'll show you a picture that sums me up....
Yeah I am the one on the right and we paid this lovely lady one whole dollar for this picture... So worth it. 
So my excuses for my prolonged absence are SUPER lame... 
not lame at all
I was in LAS VEGAS.
That's right people!!!
We spent some time with the fam
and went to the strip
gambled a bit (a very little bit) 
Watched Spencer and Lisa get  married
shots some guns
 held some babies 
climbed a mountain
 You know just the usual stuff. 
Here are a few pictures Ill write a little more in depth about the trip and the wedding later
but I know you missed me so much that I just had to post something .
Oh and by missed I mostly mean forgot all bout me.

Please ignore how awkward I am ... Im pretty sure Jon is pinching my butt.

1 comment:

Cassie said...

Hey sarah,
I nominated you for the Liebster Award that's going around. Just so you know. And if you want to post about it, the info is on my blog.

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