Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ever wonder how my blog got its name?

So today began like any other day... 
Alarm clock went off at 6 just like any other day. 
I slowly inched out of bed. 
Began to get ready. 
Heard Hubby alarm go off 6 times (one alarm is NOT enough to wake him from his death like slumber but one light on the other side of the house will have him up in a second complaining)
Made Hubby's lunch while dancing to his various alarm tunes
Let puppy out and flip the light on in the bedroom so Hubby will ACTUALLY get up 
Kissed him goodbye and head off to work. 

Not actual student but eerily similar
If you don't know what I do Ill explain it for you...
I wake up super early to watch about 15 to 20 kids who are all hopped up on pop-tarts and COFFEE before school and yes I said coffee. This morning was rather rough it was like they ALL drank coffee before arriving, so after work I look forward to a nice run on the good Ol' Titusille Bridge ( its the cool place to run now) with a friend. I get all ready aka as scrubby as can be with my baggy shirt, ratty hair and leggings, I grab my pup and my purse ( I just know my keys are in there), lock the door and head for the car.... Only its just my keys aren't in there.

So madness ensues
10 minuets of trying to break in, which involves Ruca jumping at my feet while I climb over our AC Unit take the window screen off and almost fall, only to find out our window locks do indeed work.The failing multiple times at using the credit card trick ( it used to work when I locked my self out of my room), but apparently our condo is Fort Knox.

Hubby didn't answer the 3 times I called him, Ruca was running around terrorizing our neighbors and I looked slightly like a homeless person due to my clothes and unusually large purse.

So I break down and do what any girl would do call, call  my Mommy!!

She has the extra key but is stuck at work so I spend 20 minuets trying to find some one who is not working and awake to take me to her...  which for some reason was nearly impossible today. Finally after 4 calls to my sister, she groggily answers the phone and heads my way (she lives 20 minuets away though). Did I mention this is after I walk to my moms house thinking I could fit through the doggy door only to have her point out that the doggy door only works if the door is unlocked.... So I have turn around and trek another mile back to my house....

After all this Jon FINALLY calls me back and just happens to be driving by and lets me back inside an hour after the whole debacle began. And not to mention just in time to save my sister from a trip in to town.

And this is my life.... 


Rachel said...

Oh man, that's so annoying!! My worst nightmare is getting accidentally locked out of somewhere and being by myself. Thankfully, I can't lock myself out of our house because it can only be locked with the key on the outside! A lock like that could come in handy! Glad you finally got back in!!

Whitney said...

Haha I love your blog title! And your blog :) I'm glad I stumbled on it and am now following!


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