Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Blonde is Back!

I am sure you all have been anxiously awaiting my return to the blogosphere and the time has finally come. Where have I been you ask?  Just working two jobs, finishing up my last semester of college, planning a giant fundraiser, cleaning my house and getting frustrated with my new tablet! I think I have about 10 posts that I started to write, got impatient with my tablet and gave up. For some reason it hates to upload pictures, blogger and it are not friends.  But Im going back to the classics today so I can once again reach the masses, otherwise known as my Mom. Ill give you a quick update since Christmas, Instastyle.... Its just like time travel! 
BFF came to visit....
Went to Hotlanta for my first conference 
Learned to play some poker and we raised the stakes....
I lost it all
 Learned to network like a pro
Got mushy with the Hubby in front of the Christmas tree
Got a fancy new jacket

Fell in love all over with my cute little family
I have a few more post planned to get you all caught up and hopefully keep you slightly interested.  

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