Monday, February 18, 2013


Is it OK to hash tag in a title? If not I'm making a movement to change this!
Lately I have been on a book binge. Talk about nerd girl problems every time I finish a book I feel so empty and I just HAVE to buy another one. Since January 1st I have read just about every book to movie adaption that is set to appear in theaters in the next year. My poor hubby was severely lacking attention. If you are looking for a good read I can help ya out. I think I have something for everyone!

Safe Haven- I am still reading this one so I will have to give a full synapses when I am done. So far so good.

Beautiful Creatures- I was so invested in this book and then it ended and I was like whelp that was good but I don't really care to read the next one. It is a fun story and a different take on the super natural world. I probably will get around to finishing the series after I see the movie, which I plan to see this week.

The Host- I will start with this disclaimer- Stephenie Meyer can tell a good story but who edits her books?! She is not the best writer, but who am I to judge. I really liked this story though. It starts REALLY slow, it took me about a week to get through the first few chapters. It was told from a perspective that I was not expecting so I think that is where the slow start came from. Once I got past the first few chapters it went fast, too fast even. The characters and relationships were very well developed. I can't wait to see the movie, but I am trying to keep my expectations low as not to relive the disappointment I felt when I first saw Twilight.

Warm Bodies-  This book was hands down my favorite. It has something for every one; love, comedy, action and Zombies, how could you not love it. I skeptically downloaded a sample on my kindle and after the first chapter I was hooked. It had me laughing out loud in the middle of the school library (yeah I'm that girl apparently). Numerous times I had to call Jon and read part of it to him because it was too funny not share. The movie was good too, it got the Hubby stamp of approval. If you haven't read this book, put it on your list.

Matched Trilogy- This is another dystopian YA novel (can you sense a theme aliens, zombies, and the end of the world I may have been feeling a bit dark). This trilogy was a treat after reading The Host. Ally Condie writes lyrically. This was the first book I felt the need to highlight specific thoughts. She describes the human race's need to create so beautifully through out the story. The first book was great and they kind of went down hill from there but I had to finish the series. The second and third book were still read worthy. Their stories were just a little slower. Its one of those Hunger Game love triangle types so you have to find out who she ends up with.

Blog Inc.- So this one may seem a bit random but I have heard so much about it in the Blogging Community I had to check it out. It is seriously a great read and resource. You will be seeing some changes around here in the coming weeks. It has inspired me to put a little more effort and thought in to this here Blog. If you are thinking about whats next with your blog, pick this book up!

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Samantha said...

I got Blog Inc. but I haven't had the chance to read it! Can't wait :)

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