Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chicken Soup for the Hubby's Soul

My poor little Hubby has felt quite under the weather lately, he caught the quite the cold this weekend (does anyone else's Husband think he is terminally ill when he has the sniffles or is that just mine?)  Dying or not I decided to venture into the realm of homemade soup to make him feel a little bit better.  When I was little my dad used to make the BEST soup and it is super easy. Last night it turned out so good I though I would share it one here.

How to Do It:
Fill a large pot with enough water to cover your chicken, add the bullion cubes and chicken broth. While that is boiling chop your veggies. The hardest part of this recipe is cutting all the Veggies. Once Your chicken is cooked ( usually about 20 to 25 mins) take it out and set it aside. Add your soup mix, veggies (green chilies, carrots, celery and onions), cayenne pepper and salt and pepper (you can add some garlic salt too if your feeling crazy). Mix it all together and let simmer for about 10 minuets. Shred your chicken while you wait. Add your noodles and chicken and cook until noodle are tender. And there you have it.  Super easy and homemade. 

Let me know if you try it! I would love to hear how it turns out! 
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