Thursday, September 13, 2012

A VERY Mushy Kind of Thankful Thursday

Sometimes in life we forget to be thankful for how great we have it. 
Today I got to see an old friend. It was so nice to see her. 
She is such an amazing lady who has done such great things in her life
and loves God while doing them.I want to be like her one day.

She told me a story about one of her friends who is seriously struggling in her marriage. She is married to a man that is not kind in words, thoughts or actions. As I listen to the sad words I tired to imagine what this must be like. To not have the support and love that is needed by the one person you picked to do so.  It hurts me that she is hurting, and I wish there was something... anything I could do to help. I have spent my life watching marriages, friendships and relationships crumble. People leave, sometimes the come back most times they don't. Marriages fail, friendship dies and people do not change.  I just thought this was how the world was.

 Before Jon anyways. 

When I first met Jon I knew something was different. I felt instantly attracted to him... not the way he looked or acted or dressed... It was nothing physical although those things were pretty great... It was something else. Now obviously our love story isn't one of those quick 3 month romances. It was filled with lots of ups and downs and twist and turns but I can tell you one thing. In the 4 years we knew each other before we got married there was ALWAYS something about this man that drew me to him. EVERY guy I met was compared to this one man that lived a thousand miles away. I could never get him completely out of my mind. No one could make me forget those feelings.

 He is such a good soul. The kind of good that you can feel when he is near.
 And now all these years later he is mine 
and still when I look at him I feel those first feelings of happiness and 
comfort that only come from being with a good man.
 I am so thankful for this amazing man that was made for me and only me.
 He has taught me to love deeper and to trust. 
I am thankful for our marriage that is anything but perfect yet is filled with 
happiness, respect and a LOT of laughter.

Anyways enough with the mussy gushy yuck. thanks if you made it all the way through! I will leave you with a song...

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Kate Wilson said...

Sarah, Thankful Thursdays are my favorite! I love how you express your love and appreciation for Jon. I gotta say we are two lucky, lucky girls who got amazing men! I won't lie, I got a teeny bit teary reading this post. The love just got me! We are getting closer and closer to October! yay!

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