Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Messy House is a Happy Home

Or at least that is what I keep telling my self! Yesterday, my home was the epitome of messy. We had dishes in the sink and stuff thrown every which way and I was NOT in a cleaning mood. I came home from my EARLY morning shift at work and planed to spend some quality time with my computer. And that is what I did until there was an unexpected knock at the door.

I looked at the time and thats when I remember! That knock at the door was not so unexpected. I had made plans last Sunday for my visiting teachers to come see me. Now if you don't know what a visiting teacher is Ill give you a quick little explanation. Visit teaching is a great program that my church has created to make sure all families and women, specifically are taken care of. All women are assigned to visit teach a few sisters and each sisiter has someone to come visit you. It helps to promote friendship and Christ like love. It really is a great program. I love it... most months... when my house is clean.

The whole time they were here I felt like I had to apologize for my horrible job as a wife. I felt like my messy house showed them that I was failing at my job. They both comforted me with all the polite things you say when you walk into a dirty house... "Oh I have seen Worse" or "Its really not that bad!"  But I just knew they were thinking GOSH what slobs!

After they left I began to think about why I am so quick to put my self down. I know when I walk into a messy house I am NOT thinking oh what a horrible wife or family this must be. But that is right where my mind goes when it involves me.We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father and I can guarantee that he is not thinking "YOU are failing at life because your house is not super sparkly". That is probably not even close to something he would say.. EVER.  Some times I need to step aside and think about all the things I do right and STOP dwelling on the things I am not the best at.  I am going to challenge my self this week to dwell on the good. I think we can all benefit  from doing this.
I think the most loved places look a little lived in.  

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