Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The End is in Near!!

Today I have this joyous urge to jump up and down and shout 
I have just 2 more semesters of school! Next week I start my last fall semester of ALL TIME!! I can now say "next semester I graduate!"  This morning was spent plotting and planning the next year and it is done. After this semesters 6 classes all I will have left is a breezy 12 credit hours that's only 4 classes! I know I just used more exclamation points than any respectable person should  but they truly express my excitement, after so many delays it is so nice to see the end. I would not change my college days for anything major changes, cross country moves and that semester off to get married all worth it. I maybe behind where I should be but I have lived and learned WAY more than I would have if I stayed "on track". Who is to say what is on track anyways. Plus if I had already graduated what are the chances of Jon signing something like this>>>> 

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