Friday, August 24, 2012

Its FINALLY Friday!!

This week has gone by so fast. With school starting again and Jon's new job I feel like there is hardly enough time to breath. This hectic schedule really has me appreciating my Fridays that's for sure. 

5 reasons I am IN LOVE with Friday
1. I have no classes on Fridays so all I have to worry about is work which 
lets face it, its not much to worry about.
2. Pay day!!!!! Who doesn't love seeing their bank account full once again.
3. Date Night... we party* all Friday night cause we get to sleep in on Saturday 
*party in this case mostly means stay out past 10 cause we are watching a movie, CRAZY I know*
4. Tomorrow is SATURDAY and that means all day soaking in the sun at the beach. Oh how I miss you soo!!!
5.  Only one more day till Race day... yes this is something I totally forgot to mention that I was doing but this summer I have slowly, very slowly been trying to get back into running with my beautiful friend Becky and we are going to run our  first race tomorrow night.  It is on a giant bridge which I have yet to run the whole way up and down sooo I'll let you know how it goes...

I am linking up with Lauren and Lindsey check out their blogs they are great.


Niki said...

Woo hoo for payday!!! Happy weekend girlie!

Beverly said...

I totes agree... friday means that tomorrow is sat a day to soak up the sun all day long.. at least while it's out :/

Found you through the H54F linkup!

xo, Bev

Southern Beauty Blogger:) said...

Yay for Friday's its also my payday lol! I was linking up with frommygreydesk's high five for Friday today and found your blog! I have to say it is super cute, just added it to my list of blogs I follow. Have a great weekend!

ruthy ann said...

stopping by from the bargain blonde...feel free to link up here too!

Sarah said...

Thanks everyone! I Love linking up with these great blogs :)

Chocoholic said...

I freakin' love friday! Have a nice weekend. Also, your blog is really cute!


Nicholl Vincent said...

woohoo for date night and party!

Hope you had a great Sunday! Drop by and say hello!

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