Thursday, August 9, 2012

How to Live Like You Are in Kindergarten...

This week at work I have been with the brand new kindergartners. They don't actually start school until Monday so I get to spend a few extra days with these little guys. They have so much energy and excitement for life, I wish I lived like this every day. So here are a five things I learned from my five-year-olds.
1. Laugh at everything. Seriously, this is my favorite thing about them. The littlest things make them laugh out loud and I am pretty sure every time it happens a year is added on to my life.
2. Go all out. When they believe something there is no convening them it is wrong. They fight, love and laugh with everything they have.
3. Play like you will never get to again. Every minuet they get to play is the best time of their life. Why cant we all live every day like this!!!
4. Color outside the lines. So maybe the Cinderella and Prince Charming have blue faces and red eyes... they are not afraid to color things how they see them. They are not held back by how things "should be".
5. Don't Be afraid to cry. Some time tears are needed, they are good, and if we let ourselves express our feelings their would not be some much pint up stresses in our lives.

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