Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Very Hipster Thanksgiving

My oh so cute hubby has this obsession and if you read the title you can probably guess with what. I am pretty sure he secretly wants to be a hipster but just doesn't want to admit it so he turns it in to a joke. Jon's hair was getting really long so he let me cut it on Thursday morning before our family dinner so instead of  just a normal do he wanted a hipster cut.... SO off came the hair into something that slightly resembled a Mohawk ... this then turned into a dress up affair. SO out came the skinny jeans, flannel, and I had to say good bye black wide rimmed sunnies cause they are now his....
Once he started I had to join in the fun and of course Ruca wanted to play too so our Thanksgiving was deemed Hipster Thanksgiving 2012
The day was kind of wasted because only my sister and brother in law understood what a hipster was. We spent the afternoon explaining what exactly a hipster is.

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