Tuesday, November 6, 2012


  I am babysitting and bored... so very bored.... so I am going through my old pictures and it is just making me oh so happy so I thought I would share some of my favs...
Best Vacation ever  

Ugly Sweater Party 
$11 blow up pool... First day it was warm we bought it and by the time it got blown up  it was too cold to swim....
New Years 2008? 2009? I may not remember the year but the night will go down in  history
  ( I think I was the only sober person with in a 100 mile radius )
Wheel of Fortune... I have probably been on TV more than you have.... 
First Flowers from a boy... aka now Hubby
Last single birthday and last week before moving to Utah to be with said Hubby 
One of MANY pictures that seem to appear any time I would leave my camera ANY where
Hoedown number 3 :)
No explanation 
Pre mustache crazy We were the true hipsters...
All of these girls in one place... epic 
Scaring the crap out of Roommates.... every one needs a monkey suit right?
:) Baking with the boys
These kids... Pretty much the best days of my single life 
The guys who convinced me they played for Buckcherry
First condoms I ever bought :)

Vivian's trip to the club 

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