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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Escape from Reality

Finals, graduation, work,..... WHO needs it? I am avoiding the necassary as of right now. That is right. I Sarah Michelle am no longer going to be an active member of society..... I will read books, watch movies and laugh the days away. I hope my work doesnt mind and who cares that i graduate in two weeks... I AM DONE =]

OKAY OKAY so maybe thats not the best way to go about this but I do seem to have set up this blog account in attempts to further delay the numerous papers I have to turn in.
My lovely cousin inspired me to begin this... all though she probally has no idea.
But I figure eventually someone will wonder what is Sarah up too and come here to check it out.

So tommorrow night i have two papers due and well i have about a sentance done on one of them. What have i done about this problem you ask..... I have gone to church, lingered longer than is normal or necassary, started to reread Twilight- which then lead to a long day dream which when sumed up involves lots of sighing and wondering why not me God.... come on just throw in one vampire to spice things up..... then continued to turn my computer on and open word only to be distracted by the numerous choices of music and websites that are offered.... Im hopeless

But I geuss that I should get going on those papers and just keep hoping that next term a handsome some one (vampire or not ) is waiting so I can start MY love story.
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