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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello 2010

GOODBYE 2009 HELLO 2010!

This year has began with quite a BANG! With an amazing eye opening trip so see two of my favorite people... one of which is now a married woman I realized how crazy this past year has truely been .As I look back at this past year I realize how much I have learned. I never could have imagined I would end up where I am today with these experiences and lessons. I have learned that people in general will come and go through out life. Sometimes its sad, sometimes its unexpected, sometimes its bad and sometimes it is a VERY good thing. The ones that are important will always come back even if it takes years but they are usually worth the wait. I have realized that people are going let me down and I, in return will let others down. I know that through these let downs we get to grow and adapt. With out dispointments we could understand how uterly amazing it is when some one comes through for us. I know I have disapointed a lot of people this past year but sometimes we have to let others down to figure out whats best for us in the long run. I have learned excatly what I DONT want out of life which I hope will eventually lead to me knowing what I DO want.... But then agian I am a woman so who knows if Ill ever get there.... I might have an Incling of who I want to spend it with though =] But before I start rambling the most important thing is thatI have a stronger knowlege today that God lives and knows me better than anyone ever will and not only knows me but loves me too. No matter how stupid I get or how far I fall He is waiting for me to pick myself up and come back to him and I couldnt ask for anything better.

PS These are some pictures of my amazing trip to MIAMI =]
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