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Saturday, February 7, 2009


So there seems to be this rencent itch going around to let every one know a number of things about your self.... a list you could call it. So i seem to have gotten the list itch. So I have been pondering the numerous things I could list .... when days gone by what 17 or 25 or 52 things do I want people to look back and say that sums her up. Well here is a few things that I have come up with.

1. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and wouldn't have it any other way.

2.My life was incomplete with out Kristie A. Keyes. She has been my rock and the days that she hasnt been with me were some of the darkest. She can make me laugh like no other and we dont have dances made up to every song we just know each other too well.

3.I dance constanly.... always moving.... usually at inappropriate times but it makes life easier.

4. I loose my self in a good book... so much sometimes it is unhealthy

5. I forgive too easily and I dont think it is a problem

6. I want to travel the world and see things I could never have imagined..... which should be impressive cause I have quite the active imagination.

7. I hate clothes numerous times I have had to rush to my room when someone knocks on the door

8. Texas is my second home but find my self missing it more and more

9. Mashed poatoes are heavenly

10. I hate clutter and messes unless they are mine or Kristies

8. I have been told I am the worst girl ever.... I burp, dont clean up after myself, would rather be out side, am afraid of comitment like no other .... list goes on and on

10. I have a wiener dog named penelope michelle and I love her more than any boy.... and she is a wierdo

11. A pretty smile on a guy make my knees go weak

12. I am always cold

13. I cant wait to be Florida Gator... oh the things that await for me there

14. I believe in love like no other.... this belief can not broken no matter how many times I am

15. I like to run... I am horrible at it, have no stamna for it, but let me tell you it sure make the tough things more bearable.

16. Music makes the world go round... finding a song that embodies how i am feeling at that very moment gives me faith that I am not alone in this world. I wish that i had a soundtrack to my life.

17. I love the sky day or night.

18. The smell of rain is my favorite it makes me happy

19. I always try to see the good I can not say a bad thing about a person with saying or at least thinking something good even if it is a stretch like.... they have even features or real straight teeth

20. I dont think before I speek sometime I think I should but I couldnt hold it back even if I needed to.

21. 20 seemed to be so old but now it is just around the corner and I still feel so small

22. Regrets are something I have learned not to have every mistake makes me grow and prepairs me for somthing better

23. I think trust and commnication are the most important things in any relationship you cant have one with out the other and you cant be close to some one if either is missing.

24. The beach makes most of my problems seem small it is my happy place
25. I wish that I were a balloon

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