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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Remember That One Time....

Hey! Remember me?  Yeah I didn't think so just to refresh your memory I'll show you a picture that sums me up....
Yeah I am the one on the right and we paid this lovely lady one whole dollar for this picture... So worth it. 
So my excuses for my prolonged absence are SUPER lame... 
not lame at all
I was in LAS VEGAS.
That's right people!!!
We spent some time with the fam
and went to the strip
gambled a bit (a very little bit) 
Watched Spencer and Lisa get  married
shots some guns
 held some babies 
climbed a mountain
 You know just the usual stuff. 
Here are a few pictures Ill write a little more in depth about the trip and the wedding later
but I know you missed me so much that I just had to post something .
Oh and by missed I mostly mean forgot all bout me.

Please ignore how awkward I am ... Im pretty sure Jon is pinching my butt.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday FUNday

I am just going to start this post off the right way....
ONE WEEK and two days TILL VEGAS BABY!!!!
Now that is out of the way I can move on to the less exciting but still exciting things....
I am going to link up today with this lady and this one too (go check them out they both are AWESOME)
Anyways in honor of my trip to Vegas with my oh so cute Hubby here is what I am going to do...
Fall in the west is the best
Especially Vegas cause it is oh so nice and toasty in the days and perfect bonfire weather at night. 
So I will get to have my fall fix with out the freezing temperatures. 
Here are somethings on my fall fix list:
Mountain Hikes
and in this case it usually involves
 blowing things up in them

Hot Chocolate 

I cant wait to snuggle my man and see all our friends. This week is going to go by so slow! 3 Midterms, one project and a TON of packing to go.

Friday, October 5, 2012

The Day the Zombies Ruined My Surprise

Story time:
Picture this, I turn on my computer open my email and see this...

Zombie Paintball WHAT!!!??? What is this madness? And it is half off? Thank you  I begin to picture Jon running through fields of Zombies living his video game dreams. So I decided I NEEDED to get this to surprise the ol' hubby. So fast forward two days and it is the last day of the half of deal I put some money in my old bank account to be sly. He is always checking our account so I knew He would catch me if I didn't do something tricky. Well I get all ready, put my information in and push purchase... WELL instead of giving me an option to put my card information in it just said thank you for your purchase. WHAT???  Did I just get  this for free? I know that's probably not true so I look a little deeper and find that it charged our joint card. They already had my card from something I bought earlier.... They should really put that in bold letters or something right?
Alright... think... how to fix this...
So I call Groupon... No answer... Send an email... No answer... Start to get nervous... 
So I decide to transfer the money to cover it up... My old bank is a tiny credit union so I have to run across town to take the money out, put it in our joint account. I get home ready to relax and pick up the computer and there is an email... Not just any email but an email form Groupon telling me they have switched the purchase to my OTHER account. SOOO now I have charges on both accounts and I have to go and switch the money all over again so another trip across town and of course half way I have to text Jon and tell him not to use the card cause everything is all messed up.
I get it all taken care of but know Jon has questions about what I was trying to do when I accidentally messed up the accounts. I tell him it is a surprise and he will find out soon enough. But  of course he keeps asking questions and then he lets it slip... 
"when are we going to play ZOMBIE pa...." 
He knows he has messed up!
 I caught him snooping.
 Turns out he investigated my email when he saw Groupon on the bank info he opened my email and saw it. He is seriously such a little BRAT!!!
But I guess I suck a lot at keeping secrets so it will be easier to get him to the haunted house on time this way .
But seriously stupid zombies give me a break!! I just wanted to surprise my husband.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Back by Popular Demand

So maybe not popular demand but Kate said she was missing my posts so for her I shall once again write. I was having quite the bout of  writers block. To tell you the truth I was also having a case of who the heck cares about what I have to says...  So maybe that's not what its called but I cant think of any other way to put it. I was having a pity party ALAS I am back and I don't care if you like what I have to say or not I'm going to say it or well write it I guess.  Anyways I will catch ya up on this past week/weekend.

Last week was filled with HOMEWORK and well more HOMEWORK. It was probably the biggest factor in my absences. Although Thursday we did find the time to make dinner  and watch Avengers with my Sister and Future Brother-in-law. We saw it in the theaters but Jon just HAD to own it so we bought it. It was way better the second time mostly because I didn't fall asleep (we went to the midnight showing the first time and I had been up since 6 the first time).
 Friday night we bummed around (we tend to do this A LOT) it was Jon's last day of work at ServePro so we celebrated by eating tons of sweets and being lazy (we also do this a lot too) 
Saturday we woke up with big plans and ended doing pretty much nothing all day but looking through old pictures and cleaning. I know...We are party animals. I actually went outside to let the dog out and came back into a missing husband. I just assumed that he was in the bathroom well 5 mins went by then 10 and I went looking for him... he was not in the bathroom... or the bedroom... or the guest bathroom... So where was he you ask? Welp I found him in the guest bedroom like this.... Looking at pictures... this is normal right?

The Relief Society General Broadcast was that night so I got some girl time in and was able to listen to some seriously inspired talks. If you didn't get to watch it you can go here... It seriously was great something for every woman. It was a much needed recharge and spiritual uplift.
Sunday we went to church and then spent some time with our good friends Beck and Eric. They made us the most delicious ribs. We ate no bake cookies and talked for hours. 
That was our weekend in a nutshell If you made it all the way through congrats. 
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