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Friday, August 31, 2012

High Five For Friday!

It is once again that time!! that glorious day, the one we wait all week for. FRIDAY!!! After a long week of Driving back and forth to school everyday and then rushing to work I am so glad for the 3 day weekend!

ONE. Our Puppy is officially one whole year old, We have had her for 6 moths and I am kinda obsessed with her. Im pretty sure she hate how much attention we give her ( mostly cause between my hubby and I we annoy her OFTEN see below picture)
 TWO. I got to talk to my favorite person this week. I miss living with her. With out this lady Jon and I probably would of killed each other before we got married.... No Lie... I love this girl.
THREE. I actually ran this week...  now if I can just keep it up!

FOUR. I found this picture from when I went to visit Vegas ins 2008... We were so little! Jon and I BOTH have labor day off AND he is not even on call... Its fate we are going to have the best weekend

FiVE. Im pretty sure this is on here every week but.... BEACH! Last week there was just a little storm ( or hurricane) that ruined my beach trip so hopefully this weekend is storm free.

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Inspire Me Healthy

I was doing so well with exercising and then school started. It is so hard to start up a new schedule. I am NOT a morning person not even a little bit. Try as I might to get my lazy butt out of bed I just can't but the only time that I can really work out is in the mornings before work and school. It has been about 3 weeks since I have not been working full time and I have hit the snooze button WAY more than I should.  This week I finally woke up a little early and ran a mile and a half, two days in a row I might add! Ill give you all a second to be amazed............ Ok enough amazement. I need to find the motivation to keep at it. We are going to Vegas in October for My brother-In-Laws wedding and I do not want to take the extra weight I have been carrying around since I got married. 

I have been looking for some inspiration. And for once my Pinterest account has served a purpose other than  making me feel poor and unfashionable. My Working on My Fitness  is filled with great stuff that I ACTUALLY use. Right now we are a too poor to afford a gym membership, summer wiped us out financially so I have strictly been a work out at home wife. Pinterest has been my saving grace. 
I have found videos...

If you guys have any other suggestions let me know!! I need some help!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Ok so today is not so wonderful... it is one of those days where things keep going wrong and things keep piling up and you look at life and think WHY can't ANY thing be easy! So what I was doing on my hour drive home from school was thinking of how these bad things make my life WONDERFUL cause lets face it life even at its worst can be wonderful. SO here we go...

Making life Wonderful....
1. The car we were in the process of buying was sold to some one else with out the sellers even calling to tell us... The car was old and had a ton of miles on it. Who knows if it was as good of a deal as we thought. Maybe would would of had it a week and had to replace the breaks or something. PLUS we are going to find something way better now that we have more time.
2. I was trapped in my room because there was a dead cockroach in the hallway... Ok so you may think WHAT? Here's the deal I am DEATHLY afraid of cockroaches. I know its not logical but they are gross and I have no control when one is near dead or alive. I was home alone and one appeared in the time  had eaten breakfast and taken a shower.... Oh the woes of condo life.... BUT on the Wonderful side my house is EXTRA clean now because I have scrubbed EVERYTHING so the cockroaches don't want to live in our house... hopefully that works cause I might have a full blown panic attack if I see another one.

Here is a super blurry picture ( I wasnt about to get close to the thing!)
But I had to prove to the hubby that is was there....
3.TRAFFIC, Traffic and more TRAFFIC. I hate it but on the bright side if I got to school any sooner there would be no parking. Our parking is always full so if you get there too early you have to drive around for a hundred years. which is even more frustrating than traffic. 
4. My Knee is hurting... again... A few years ago I ran the Ragnar Relay  I didn't train very well and had never run more than 8 miles. After running about 19 miles over the course 2 days I had hurt my knee. Well that was years ago and it was better until this last weekend but this time I now how to handle it. The pain means I am running again. I am not slacking and I know that I need to take my time. This pain will pace me. I will not blow my knee I will take my time and do it right!!!

5. We haven't sold our truck yet... AT LEAST WE HAVE TWO WORKING CARS!!! 

Your Looking at the Next Julia Childs

This semester I am being forced to take a cooking class. I have put it off as long as I possibly could but the time is now. Now why in the world would I be so afraid of a simple cooking class you ask? Well, I am forced to come to terms with my inability to cook. That's right this girl right here has absolutely no cooking skills. I can bake a BOMB cake and a MEAN cupcake but when it comes to dinner I over season and over cook. I can usually follow a recipe.... the first time and after that my meals just go down hill... Its a curse. Lately it has been getting worse too. My poor hubby has found this out the hard way. He has been forced fed dry chicken, under cooked pasta and burnt veggies many a night. Needless to say he is pretty excited about this class. To tell you the truth I am kinda stoked about it too. Although I have done everything short of changing my major to avoid this class I think a good lesson or two (or 12) will do our little family some good. Today is my first Lab... we actually get to cook its not just theory... I will be decked out in a real chefs coat that I picked up from the book store and all. So wish me luck I am about to embark on the adventure of a life time.... Who knows maybe I have some insane hidden talent (deep,deep down)

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What Im Loving!

Oh man it is only Tuesday but I am already burnt out this week. School is rough! BUT what's not rough is thinking about all the thing I'm Loving!

Right now I am completely obsessed with FALL! I can not wait to feel that brisk air, see the leave change and wear my boots! Now lets face it I live in Florida soooo fall is really just a distant memory of the time I lived in Utah, BUT we will be taking a trip to LasVegas and it does get a little bit more fallish there... at least I will be able to wear layers and not DIE of heat stroke! The lack of fall here is probably only adding to my obsession with it.

I want my house to smell like this...

I want to make this....

And drink this....

while wearing this....

I want to be here again... I miss Utah Fall!

Monday, August 27, 2012

How to Be a Newlywed: Show and Tell Monday

Hey Everyone! I am trying a new link party to day with From Mrs. To Mama. I love her blog and I figured it was time for me to get involved. She posted a few questions and I have already posted on most of the topics so instead of repeating the same old same old I figured I would try to delve into something a little deeper. If you want to see our Wedding or Love story CLICK HERE.

Now I know I have been married for 9 short months so I do not have vast marital advice and would never claim to,but I am an expert at being a newlywed. So maybe a trip back to that first year of marriage would keep so many marriages from failing. So here is my top 5 list of how to live like a newlywed.

1. Say I Love YOU! I know that in this first couple months of marriage we have said I love you more than ever. I know I need to hear it, I love to hear it and I want to hear it. I don't ever want to stop saying it. Those three words have the ability to completely change my mood. If I am feeling a bit annoyed with my Hubby, which is more than I would like to admit, I find if I point out how much I love him instead of how annoying he is being things tend to go a lot better.
2. Spend Time Together- Every moment together is a great one and I sure hope that never changes. Our free time is together time and that's how we like it. I know one day we will have kids and more responsibilities and I truly hope that we we always find time for each other. 
3. Be Sensitive to What Your Other Half Needs. I know these past few months we have learned more about each other than the WHOLE time we were dating. We are learning how the other one like to be treated when we are sick, mad, sad, ect. We are actively trying to understand the other one and what works now might not work in 10 years our needs and wants change as we get older. If we always try this our priority we will hopefully be able to have a long happy marriage.
4. LAUGH!!!! I can not stress this one enough. I hope we never loose our silly side. I struggle with this sometimes because life can get you down easily if you let it. Being a grown up is hard and having another person in your life all the time is hard but if we are able to laugh at ourselves life is a lot better.
5. Do things like it was your first time. Everything is so special when its your first time, but should that be the only time it is special? I don't think so! I know every moment is not going to be a fairy tale but if we take the time to make a diner here and there extra special it will be a little closer to one. I love to get dressed up when we go out or decorate the Condo all out for a holiday. It makes everything feel new.  

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Race Day!

Weekend Review! I'm linking up Here
 I did it! I officially have run a 5k. It has been on my One Day list for years finally I did it! My family  has always been really big in to 5k walks we participate in the Kidney Foundation's 5k walk every year. But until yesterday my nerves prevented me from actually running a real 5k. Titusville put on the perfect event to get me out of my running shell... The Get Up and GO 5k/10k Run/Walk.... Seriously it was perfect, my family got to walk, I got to run and those more intense runners (me hopefully one day soon) got to run the 10k. It is held on the Max Brewer Bridge. Which basically is killer hard to run up and down two times. ( now I am using the word run loosely cause the second time going up it lets face it I WALKED ). 
I didnt take this picture I got it from here but this is that bridge! 

I ran with my great friend Becky and she is seriously amazing. She has two kids and totally kicked my butt. Now this isn't the best picture of us but at least we can prove we were there with numbers and everything.

 I finished 7th in my age group with 35 minutes and 10 seconds. I'm not sure how I feel about my time but I'm going with not to bad for no training... I pretty much haven't run more than a mile in a months... and it was on a giant slope. Ok enough with the excuses. All it made me want to do is go faster next time. I already found the next race I want to do its in October. I will beat my time! 
It was really great to spend so time with my family. My mom is amazing and so supportive she even paid for me to do the race since we have been super tight with money lately. My cousin walked the whole way with his little man strapped to his chest. It was pretty much the cutest thing
It was little mans second 5k walk strapped to his  Daddy's chest. Hes a warrior baby!
After the race we MAY have stopped by McDonalds... We earned it right?

Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Messy House is a Happy Home

Or at least that is what I keep telling my self! Yesterday, my home was the epitome of messy. We had dishes in the sink and stuff thrown every which way and I was NOT in a cleaning mood. I came home from my EARLY morning shift at work and planed to spend some quality time with my computer. And that is what I did until there was an unexpected knock at the door.

I looked at the time and thats when I remember! That knock at the door was not so unexpected. I had made plans last Sunday for my visiting teachers to come see me. Now if you don't know what a visiting teacher is Ill give you a quick little explanation. Visit teaching is a great program that my church has created to make sure all families and women, specifically are taken care of. All women are assigned to visit teach a few sisters and each sisiter has someone to come visit you. It helps to promote friendship and Christ like love. It really is a great program. I love it... most months... when my house is clean.

The whole time they were here I felt like I had to apologize for my horrible job as a wife. I felt like my messy house showed them that I was failing at my job. They both comforted me with all the polite things you say when you walk into a dirty house... "Oh I have seen Worse" or "Its really not that bad!"  But I just knew they were thinking GOSH what slobs!

After they left I began to think about why I am so quick to put my self down. I know when I walk into a messy house I am NOT thinking oh what a horrible wife or family this must be. But that is right where my mind goes when it involves me.We are all children of a loving Heavenly Father and I can guarantee that he is not thinking "YOU are failing at life because your house is not super sparkly". That is probably not even close to something he would say.. EVER.  Some times I need to step aside and think about all the things I do right and STOP dwelling on the things I am not the best at.  I am going to challenge my self this week to dwell on the good. I think we can all benefit  from doing this.
I think the most loved places look a little lived in.  

Friday, August 24, 2012

Its FINALLY Friday!!

This week has gone by so fast. With school starting again and Jon's new job I feel like there is hardly enough time to breath. This hectic schedule really has me appreciating my Fridays that's for sure. 

5 reasons I am IN LOVE with Friday
1. I have no classes on Fridays so all I have to worry about is work which 
lets face it, its not much to worry about.
2. Pay day!!!!! Who doesn't love seeing their bank account full once again.
3. Date Night... we party* all Friday night cause we get to sleep in on Saturday 
*party in this case mostly means stay out past 10 cause we are watching a movie, CRAZY I know*
4. Tomorrow is SATURDAY and that means all day soaking in the sun at the beach. Oh how I miss you soo!!!
5.  Only one more day till Race day... yes this is something I totally forgot to mention that I was doing but this summer I have slowly, very slowly been trying to get back into running with my beautiful friend Becky and we are going to run our  first race tomorrow night.  It is on a giant bridge which I have yet to run the whole way up and down sooo I'll let you know how it goes...

I am linking up with Lauren and Lindsey check out their blogs they are great.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


So I just made a Bloglovin account if you want...

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Raising the Roof... for a Good Cause

For those of you who don't know I am finishing up my last year at the UCF, I am majoring in Event Management and Non Profit management. What this last year means is A LOT of projects. Not my favorite part of college but it is a necessary evil I have learned to deal with. This semester I am in what is called a seminar class... basically it is what they call a class that is one credit but TONS of work. One of the many tasks I will encounter is to put together a fundraiser for-INSERT GOOD CAUSE HERE. I, along with five other students, get to pick a cause, plan an event and execute it. I really do not want to do the same old thing I want something creative and worthwhile. Something that will look good on a resume and that will make a difference. Also know as.... I am feeling ambitious, but I need some help. I NEED inspiration. Does anyone have any ideas for a good fundraiser? It has to be something rather cheap there is really no budget for this at all... though I have been know to get quite a few sponsors when its for a good cause.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School... and Work!

Well yesterday marked the first day of school for me. I can already tell this semester is going to be quite the hectic one with 6 classes. So far though all my professors seem great. My international events professor is from the UK so he has the best accent it makes the class so much more interesting....  

 Yesterday as I was getting ready for class I just began to think about everything that needs to be done and paid for... It has been about 2 and a half months since my Hubby had a job. This was fine when I was working a full 40 hours a week but with school I will only be getting a third of the hours, I had no idea how we were going to do it now. We have been praying hard... really hard for a solution and finally we got it. While I was in the shower one of the places Jon had interviewed with called to offer him the job!! It will have great pay and he worked for the company in Utah so he knows what he is doing.  They were excited to have him and have big plans for him. God is so good!

 Now that he is working again I am trying to convince him that I NEED all of these things...
1. A new bag... Maybe one of these?

2.  An iPad... it would fit so nicely in my new bag... and I would even let him play with it! 
I know... I am a really good wife
3.This watch... So I am on time for all my classes
 4.Rain boots and a new umbrella... Because UCF Floods on a daily basis... I promise I wont throw it over the bridge like this silly girl did!
5. Desk/ Office make over

 Maybe I will wait till he actually goes to his first day of work before showing him the list. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Love Love Love...

A year ago today I said yes to the most important question of my life... So in honor of that day I thought I would actually tell our story... Which has yet to be done on the internet. So here we go...

Once upon a time...

 Lets face it our story started off kind of slow. Jon and I... well we had a on again off again long distance phoneship. Now if you you are asking your self what the HECK is a phoneship well its a word I just made up to describe our relationship. We spent HOURS upon HOURS talking on the phone. Year after year no matter who we had been dating or what road we took we some how ended up on the phone with each other. Often wondering why we had this undeniable attraction to this person that is thousands of miles away, when it so obviously was never going to happen. He wasn't going to move I wasn't going to move. Until finally we both decided to budge a little. Let me just tell you that Heavenly Father REALLY had a hand in the last few months of our relationship. Jon called me out of the blue a few weeks before I was planning a trip to Utah to visit my soon to be step mom (now actual step mom)... we always did have GREAT timing. I played hard to get until he picked me up from my step mom's apartment. 

*here is the mush and gushy stuff*  

 I had this plan to coy. You know like we were just old friends meeting up for a casual dinner. No big deal or anything... I mean every one spend two hours picking out their outfits and doing their hair for causal dinner with a friend right? Yeah I  didn't even have my self fooled. The second we saw each other there we no words... he awaited me with the biggest hug and kiss.I had been worried that over the years I just imagined my feelings for him  but after that first look all my worries went away. After that the many plans I had made for my trip turned in to Jon. 

 At the end of my trip I did not want to go home. It was so hard to say good bye. He dropped me off at the airport with the promise that we would see each other soon. By the time the plane landed in Florida I knew what I had to do. If I did not take a chance now I would always wonder what if. So I took the biggest risk of my life and moved to Utah.

 I had been offered a Internship for the summer and it happened to be for a nonprofit based out of Utah. I called my new boss up and she said she would love to have me work in state instead of over the phone. After that everything was easy. Jon bought a plane ticket, someone took my lease, and I quit my job. After a LONG but incredibly fun road trip I officially lived in Utah.... For the summer anyways.

That summer in Utah was the best ever. We spent every free minuet together. 

 Then the summer came to an end and it was time for me to head back to school in Florida. Jon had planned to move with me but we just didn't know how it would work... Or at least I didn't. It turned out Jon had a plan. We had big plans last August 20th we were going to spend the weekend on a house boat on the Lake but those plans fell through. SO we were going to have a date night instead. 

Jon picked me up and told me he felt like eating at La Jolla Groves, which is where our first date in Utah was, but of course I didn't feel like eating there so we went to Macaroni Gill instead. I never make things simple. Of course Jon did the polite thing and went to pay but his card got declined. I had to run to the car and get my wallet... Thankfully this wasn't one of those nights I had for gotten it... cause those night happen a lot.... and last I heard washing dishes is not the most romantic date in the world. PS The bank messed up he had money... After that I could tell he was flustered but he was determined to keep our date going strong. We went to the cutest candy store and he said he wanted to pick candy out for each other. I picked the biggest box of nerds I could find and he showed up at the register with a ring pop.

Now to preface this next part Jon and I had been talking about getting married for a while ( I mean I moved across the country to be with him we were pretty serious) so I just assumed this was one of his mean jokes.

 He told me he couldn't afford a ring so he was just going to propose with  the ring pop. So the quest began to find the perfect spot for him to "propose". He drug me through the River Woods shopping complex  while I pointed out places like the bathrooms and the trash cans.  Finally he found the place and told me to close my eyes... I sighed and huffed and puffed cause I really just wanted my candy. But I knew to get what I wanted I had to play along. Now you think I would have caught on but I didn't want to get my hopes up so I always just told my self it wasn't gonna happen.  I was wrong though it did happen right there in front of everyone at the River Woods. I closed my eyes and he slipped something much better than that ring pop on my finger. And well the rest is history.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Tonight we watched Hunger Games for the second time and it was great... not as good as the books but what movie ever is? My Mom hadn't seen it yet so the whole time she was comparing it to the books... 
 One thing I did right after the movie the first time was buy the sound track and watching it again reminded me how much I am in love with this song... Since I first saw the movie this song has been on replay on my iPod. The whole sound track is great but this is one of my favorites for sure. The Civil Wars are just the icing on top. Listen and Love!


My new obsession. It is an MTV original so I was a little standoffish at first, but I am pretty sure this was my life or pretty close to it in high school. I was That Girl ... the one that didn't quite fit but sometimes did... The one that fell down the stairs multiple times and one time even in the middle of a pep rally. Its cool though I have now grown up to be this confident women ( who still falls down in public a lot) those awkward high school days taught me a lot and this show makes me laugh. I recomend it :)
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