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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Watch 2013

So I figured since I haven't been super active on the blog front I would add some pictures of my bump over the past almost 8 months ( I am officially 31 and 1/2 weeks... every day counts). I started out so good and would take pictures every week and then real life set in and none of the pictures looked good and they slowly got farther and farther apart and now my pregnancy updates are usually taken in the bathroom at work because that is the only time that I even remotely look like a human. But anyways here is a picture dump hopefully in order.
I cant even remember being skinny! I felt so huge already though!

Pretty much the week I started to show is the week I gave up on taking a good picture... Notice from here on out every picture has a weird face in it... and is in a bathroom....
She was just trying to figure out how she felt about this little boy... 
Just had to thrown one in of my current baby... she hated it
19 weeks
This was 21 weeks I think
23 Weeks

25 weeks
27 weeks
And this was yesterday at 31 weeks 

Viva Las Vegas

SO I just found this post saved in my drafts and it has a few pictures from the trip from Florida so I figured I would publish it!
Thankfully Hubby is pretty good at packing so we didn't need a Uhaul. We just pack our truck RIDICULOUSLY full...
Beverly Hillbilly's style  
Jon's dad took tons of pictures of the truck as it drove through the many state to get to Nevada. We were looking really classy going down the road let me tell you.
Louisiana is Jon favorite place to stop when we are traveling across America. When he moved me to  Utah for the summer in 2011 he would pull over in the most backwoods gas stations in Louisiana just to hear them talk. Funny now... not so funny when  you are 10 miles from the high way in the most rundown gas station that just happens to look like the perfect setting for a horror movie.
We stopped in Texas and spent a day with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. They had just got the most adorable puppy who just loved Ruca. She had so much fun in Montgomery.

They were seriously in love. They cuddled or they played like maniacs the whole time.

Then it was back on the road for hours and hours of driving. Sorry there aren't more pictures of us. The one below is the only half way decent picture. I spent the week with no make up and my hair a mess so any pictures that were taken will never see the light of the internet.
Im not sure if you can truly tell what is going on in this picture but in front of me is a plate of spaghetti with a side of mashed potatoes... Oh the cravings of Pregnancy.

Oh Hey Vegas...

So remember that one time I promised to update my blog with all the exciting events that had happened in my life and then I wrote 2 posts and fell off the face of the earth?  Yeah well I am not going to make any extended promises this time.... But I will get you caught up in a few posts.

After graduation ( like literately 2 days later) we packed up our house and headed out west.  Let me just tell you... finishing up your degree, hosting hordes of family, selling 70% of your belongings and packing the other 30% all the while growing a child is hard! We went from a fully furnished and cluttered 2 bedroom apartment to a truck in the matter of a week. Thankfully we did not have to make the drive by ourselves Jon's dad flew out for my graduation and then drove one of our cars for us to Nevada. I seriously don't think we could have done it with out him.  I don't have tons of pictures of our trek out west because they were all taken on my phone which was stolen...Viva Las Vegas!
Our first place was a good one it was really hard to say good bye.
Our everything must go garage sale.... 
The one picture of the truck almost all packed up. I don't even know how we got everything in there. Jon's a real life Tetris pro. We looked like the Beverly Hill Billy's driving down the road. If you can imagine... The truck ended up with like 3 tarps covering in and about 100 ropes tying it all down.
Ruca was not a fan of the long car ride she may have spent 90% of it drugged out of her mind because of her poor puppy panic attacks. It was so sad. Who even knew that dogs could have panic attacks.... guess it runs in the family.
  After days of driving we finally made it to Las Vegas and got all settled for the first 3 months we stayed with Jon's mom to save up some money to buy back all the stuff we sold. We were both super blessed to get jobs almost right away, although it took like a month for me to actually start my job. Jon got an AMAZING job basically doing what he was in Florida but for bigger company. He is an estimator and a manager at  Servepro of Downtown Las Vegas. The owners are awesome and he is doing so great at it. I am so proud of him! I got a position with a mortgage company doing "marketing" which mostly means I am filling in until they get a receptionist (if they ever do) and sometimes I do marketing like activities. Mostly I just sit and grow a little baby.

In August we got to move in to our own place. I was ridiculously excited just to have all of our stuff out of boxes and bags... It was a little sad to move out on our own again because I had to resume adult life aka cooking and cleaning. Jon's mom was WAY too good to us and cooked every night and would clean up before I even had a chance to think about it... mostly cause I went to bed by like 730.
Here is a view from our " back yard" aka the apartment complex's shrubbery that we use as Ruca's bathroom. 
This is a video I made of the model apartment so when were shopping around we would remember what it looked like. I will try to post pictures of our place all decorated. It is sparse but it feels like home finally. I went into nesting mode the weekend we moved in and I had the place pretty much put together in 2 days. Lets just say it was nice to be able to spread out. We had most of our stuff squished in one bedroom at Jon's moms place.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Peace Out College

Like I said in my last post A LOT has happened lately. Although finding out about Baby V was by far the most exciting news it does not trump my biggest accomplishment as today. I finally got to say good by to UCF!! I am now officially an educated woman ready to take on the world, for like 6 more months then I will be tackling a whole NEW world.

Graduation week was a CRAZY blur filled with family, friends and a lot of packing (more on this in another post). Jon's family flew in from Vegas  and it was fabulous. I even got to have a last minuet party to celebrate and say good bye to everyone. My parents are pretty much the most amazing parents ever because they bought me a a brand new Nikon D5200 with 2 new lenses for graduation and I am pretty much as excited as  is humanly possible to own it. Jon loves it almost as much as me and took the job of graduation photographer so here are some pictures from my artsy hubby...

Monday, May 27, 2013

Why I Will NEVER Play a April Fools Joke Again

Well it has been a little over a month since my last post and even longer since the one before that. Usually that would mean that everything is normal aka quite and kind of boring but for once that is not the case!
Quite a few things have happened since and it was just too soon to write about them but the time has come!!! Ill start with the biggest development...

The story goes a little something like this...

One fateful April Fools Day a young wife set out to trick her husband like she never had before...
Basically I had a huge break between classes and a friend and I were talking about the best pranks we had done. Which is when I realized I have never pranked my sweet hubby, who happens to LOVE teasing me. So I came up with the most brilliant plan. I would convince him I was pregnant! We had just had a "scare"  a couple months before which actually was me forgetting to keep track and getting nervous which is fairly normal but after that we had a serious talk about waiting for little nuggets for about a year. So I thought it was a GREAT idea to trick him.

My friend and I came up with a great plan and all day I prepared him with little hints like I am two to three days late ( which I would know because my tracker has been my BEST friend since the scare), my stomach felt gross, I was sooo tired...which at the time was all true but I KNEW I was about to start...all the signs were there cramping, grumpiness and even my monthly headache. So on we went....  we found the perfect picture of a positive test, it was to be the last piece to our evil plan. So after my next class I called the hubby and started on the rehearsed "I just took a pregnancy test" talk.  Turns out he had been so stressed that instead of freaking out he went to the movies by himself  so he didn't have to think about it...I don't know why he was so on board with believing me because usually his first reaction to every thing is "its all in your head!"  So I continued with my story and he was being so supportive even though I could tell he was FREAKING out, So at this I couldn't lie any more so I ruined my own joke. I started laughing and it was over. We had a good laugh the rest of the week ant then we realized my period never came....

So what if I thought the first test was broken and we had to go buy 2 more just to check...
It's normal right?

 And I cried and then I laughed and then I cried again all the while Jon laughed and smiled because he had already worked through his shock the week before. After the initial shock wore off though I was happy as can be and now we will have a sweet little nugget of our own just in time for Christmas. Baby V will be here (hopefully) December 8, 2013 and I will NEVER again play an April Fools Joke!

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