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Friday, October 15, 2010


1. School is amazing.... could ask for anything better except maybe more hours in the day cause it sure takes up a lot of it!
2. I am trying to be more positive... I don't know why I have such a hard time with this lately I swear I am a happy person but these awful thoughts and mean words keep falling out of my mouth before I can stop them.... My new favorite phrase seems to be... sorry I'm TRYING not to be so negative :)
3. Work sucks.... It seems my infamous job is slowly sucking the life out of me... litterly can anyone say panic attack... cause I have been saying it quite often lately as I spend almost ALL my free time looking for new opportunities. BUT with the note of being more POSITIVE I have like 3 job interviews this week AND one internship interview :)
4. My credit card number got STOLEN!! That's right the number not the card who does that!!!! Some really clever thieves that's who, they don't even need my card to steal my money. Crasy Crasy CRASY. If only I didn't want to be an honest person I could be rich!
5. Scripture Study.... Me and Micah started a scripture study group on Sunday nights and it is the coolest thing! It is so nice to talk with my friends about Christ and his Gospel. All my friends know so much about so many different things. Its great to ask questions to people that understand!

1. ITS ALMOST TIME TO CARVE A PUMPKIN.... you probably already knew that one but it is one of my MOST favorite things in fall.... Its has taken all I have not to have already have 10 pumpkins with different expressions sitting on my front porch.
2. Thanksgiving.... EAT ALL DAY... how could you not look forward to this I mean really people. I truly do NOT know how I am not 500 pounds.
3. Reading my book... I'm a nerd its official I dream of sitting all day outside in the sun and reading a good book.
4. The COLD weather... I cant Wait till its chilly out and I take long Sunday "adventures" aka walking through the neighborhood sitting by the "lake" aka the retention pound. Oh and did I mention I get to wear my pretty pretty coat again... I love the cold!
5.New Opportunities... Enough said ;)
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