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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chicken Soup for the Hubby's Soul

My poor little Hubby has felt quite under the weather lately, he caught the quite the cold this weekend (does anyone else's Husband think he is terminally ill when he has the sniffles or is that just mine?)  Dying or not I decided to venture into the realm of homemade soup to make him feel a little bit better.  When I was little my dad used to make the BEST soup and it is super easy. Last night it turned out so good I though I would share it one here.

How to Do It:
Fill a large pot with enough water to cover your chicken, add the bullion cubes and chicken broth. While that is boiling chop your veggies. The hardest part of this recipe is cutting all the Veggies. Once Your chicken is cooked ( usually about 20 to 25 mins) take it out and set it aside. Add your soup mix, veggies (green chilies, carrots, celery and onions), cayenne pepper and salt and pepper (you can add some garlic salt too if your feeling crazy). Mix it all together and let simmer for about 10 minuets. Shred your chicken while you wait. Add your noodles and chicken and cook until noodle are tender. And there you have it.  Super easy and homemade. 

Let me know if you try it! I would love to hear how it turns out! 
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Mean While in Florida...

My blog list sure seems to be covered in snow this Monday morning... Weekends full of coats, boots and scarfs...  While mine looked like this....

It was SUCH a nice Saturday I just had to brag.... And for those of you who don't know that little nugget is a borrowed one. He's a friends youngest and SO sticking cute.  
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ode to My Husband... Pinterest Style

Lets just say I haven't been the easiest to live with lately so this is for the man that puts up with me when NO ONE else would! I love you, you hunk of burning love!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gone Finshin'

We finally cashed Jon's deep sea fishing trip in this last weekend!!

Monday, February 18, 2013


Is it OK to hash tag in a title? If not I'm making a movement to change this!
Lately I have been on a book binge. Talk about nerd girl problems every time I finish a book I feel so empty and I just HAVE to buy another one. Since January 1st I have read just about every book to movie adaption that is set to appear in theaters in the next year. My poor hubby was severely lacking attention. If you are looking for a good read I can help ya out. I think I have something for everyone!

Safe Haven- I am still reading this one so I will have to give a full synapses when I am done. So far so good.

Beautiful Creatures- I was so invested in this book and then it ended and I was like whelp that was good but I don't really care to read the next one. It is a fun story and a different take on the super natural world. I probably will get around to finishing the series after I see the movie, which I plan to see this week.

The Host- I will start with this disclaimer- Stephenie Meyer can tell a good story but who edits her books?! She is not the best writer, but who am I to judge. I really liked this story though. It starts REALLY slow, it took me about a week to get through the first few chapters. It was told from a perspective that I was not expecting so I think that is where the slow start came from. Once I got past the first few chapters it went fast, too fast even. The characters and relationships were very well developed. I can't wait to see the movie, but I am trying to keep my expectations low as not to relive the disappointment I felt when I first saw Twilight.

Warm Bodies-  This book was hands down my favorite. It has something for every one; love, comedy, action and Zombies, how could you not love it. I skeptically downloaded a sample on my kindle and after the first chapter I was hooked. It had me laughing out loud in the middle of the school library (yeah I'm that girl apparently). Numerous times I had to call Jon and read part of it to him because it was too funny not share. The movie was good too, it got the Hubby stamp of approval. If you haven't read this book, put it on your list.

Matched Trilogy- This is another dystopian YA novel (can you sense a theme aliens, zombies, and the end of the world I may have been feeling a bit dark). This trilogy was a treat after reading The Host. Ally Condie writes lyrically. This was the first book I felt the need to highlight specific thoughts. She describes the human race's need to create so beautifully through out the story. The first book was great and they kind of went down hill from there but I had to finish the series. The second and third book were still read worthy. Their stories were just a little slower. Its one of those Hunger Game love triangle types so you have to find out who she ends up with.

Blog Inc.- So this one may seem a bit random but I have heard so much about it in the Blogging Community I had to check it out. It is seriously a great read and resource. You will be seeing some changes around here in the coming weeks. It has inspired me to put a little more effort and thought in to this here Blog. If you are thinking about whats next with your blog, pick this book up!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Goals.... Living the Life You Imagined

The future has been on my mind a lot lately. With graduation right around the corner (76 days away to be exact, not that I am counting or anything) setting a few plans in motion for the future has taken over much of my free time. For those of you who know me planning is a pass time of mine. List, excel sheets and details are what I live for so graduation is a little hard for me to wrap my head around. There will be no more group projects, test and papers to juggle and it is a little bit scary! School is all I know, it has provided me with a set course of action for the past 18 or so years and now that it is over I NEED to find something to work towards next.  With this in mind, much of my time of late is spent researching... ideas, inspiration, people, the art of accomplishing things.... Along the way I have found a few interesting tips and hints to help you with goals.
1. Don't Be Counseled  by Your Fears.
        Elder David A. Bednar (learn who he is here) called the young single college adults in the Orlando area together in 2011 and answered any questions we had. He said many amazing and inspiring things that night but this sentence stuck with me ever since. I don't even remember what question brought it up but it moved me, quite literally in fact all the way to Utah but that's a story for another day . This little phrase provides so much power. When setting goals it is only natural to think of all the possibilities that can go wrong. Fear can be paralyzing, but only when we let that fear go can we do something amazing.   

2. Set Specific, Attainable, and Measurable Goals.
        Many of us a have these huge goals, goals so huge they seem unattainable at times, but it does not have to be this way. Big goals need to be broken down. Always dreamed of running a marathon? Well, its not going to happen while you keep feeding that Hulu addiction. It takes some work. A plan that is reasonable. Start with something more attainable like, this month I will run 2 miles three times a week and I will run a 5K on March 16. Then you make these smaller steps happen. The most important part here is to measure your successes and to realize that it is OK to fail as long as you do not give up. Evaluation and reworking the plan is part of any big goal. 

3. It is Better to Fail than to Never have Tried at All. 
        This is probably the scariest thing I have learned. If you speak to any successful person they will tell you failure is a part of success. It is just a fact of life and sometimes our failures lead us to a more successful future.  Failure, has the ability to open doors and possibilities just like as success does. After I finished my AA I was hopefully applying to universities for a program I thought I wanted. I received a devastating rejection from my number 1 school and thought all was lost. At the time the this failure seemed like the end of the world but I would have missed so many opportunities had I attended a different university. Things have a way of working out for the best when you make the most of what you are given. Although it is scary and even crippling at times we won't get anywhere if we are too afraid to fail


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Blonde is Back!

I am sure you all have been anxiously awaiting my return to the blogosphere and the time has finally come. Where have I been you ask?  Just working two jobs, finishing up my last semester of college, planning a giant fundraiser, cleaning my house and getting frustrated with my new tablet! I think I have about 10 posts that I started to write, got impatient with my tablet and gave up. For some reason it hates to upload pictures, blogger and it are not friends.  But Im going back to the classics today so I can once again reach the masses, otherwise known as my Mom. Ill give you a quick update since Christmas, Instastyle.... Its just like time travel! 
BFF came to visit....
Went to Hotlanta for my first conference 
Learned to play some poker and we raised the stakes....
I lost it all
 Learned to network like a pro
Got mushy with the Hubby in front of the Christmas tree
Got a fancy new jacket

Fell in love all over with my cute little family
I have a few more post planned to get you all caught up and hopefully keep you slightly interested.  

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