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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Ok so today is not so wonderful... it is one of those days where things keep going wrong and things keep piling up and you look at life and think WHY can't ANY thing be easy! So what I was doing on my hour drive home from school was thinking of how these bad things make my life WONDERFUL cause lets face it life even at its worst can be wonderful. SO here we go...

Making life Wonderful....
1. The car we were in the process of buying was sold to some one else with out the sellers even calling to tell us... The car was old and had a ton of miles on it. Who knows if it was as good of a deal as we thought. Maybe would would of had it a week and had to replace the breaks or something. PLUS we are going to find something way better now that we have more time.
2. I was trapped in my room because there was a dead cockroach in the hallway... Ok so you may think WHAT? Here's the deal I am DEATHLY afraid of cockroaches. I know its not logical but they are gross and I have no control when one is near dead or alive. I was home alone and one appeared in the time  had eaten breakfast and taken a shower.... Oh the woes of condo life.... BUT on the Wonderful side my house is EXTRA clean now because I have scrubbed EVERYTHING so the cockroaches don't want to live in our house... hopefully that works cause I might have a full blown panic attack if I see another one.

Here is a super blurry picture ( I wasnt about to get close to the thing!)
But I had to prove to the hubby that is was there....
3.TRAFFIC, Traffic and more TRAFFIC. I hate it but on the bright side if I got to school any sooner there would be no parking. Our parking is always full so if you get there too early you have to drive around for a hundred years. which is even more frustrating than traffic. 
4. My Knee is hurting... again... A few years ago I ran the Ragnar Relay  I didn't train very well and had never run more than 8 miles. After running about 19 miles over the course 2 days I had hurt my knee. Well that was years ago and it was better until this last weekend but this time I now how to handle it. The pain means I am running again. I am not slacking and I know that I need to take my time. This pain will pace me. I will not blow my knee I will take my time and do it right!!!

5. We haven't sold our truck yet... AT LEAST WE HAVE TWO WORKING CARS!!! 


Discovery Street said...

I'm the same with roaches...Serious phobia to the point of tears!

Anonymous said...

Ughhh I am totally in ageeence with the roaches. They didn't have them where I grew up and now in Florida, they like strive here! Ewwww!

Found your blog on BBN so adorable and I am your newest follower:)


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