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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fix You Up

I felt you in my heart before I even met you... I felt you in my life before I ever thought to.


It holds many meanings to many people. It is filled with connotations and expectations. It is blissfully happy and tragically sad all wrapped into one little word that can make or break a person. It is thrown around so much but not meant enough. To be in love... it is a glimpse of the eternities it holds unimaginable happiness for those who Cherish it as they should. Love is not a game, it is not a step that you must take, it not something you check off on your list.... Oh we have held hands and kissed and i know i need to be married soon so i must love her.... It can not be planned and once said, it is out there and it must be dealt with. The whole idea of it is that love opens you up to a person in a way no one else will ever know. You will never love another as you have loved me and I the same.

Even now I think about things and I know they were not right and never could have been and I really did not even want them to be but regardless love is still there. It is not pinning I want you need you love it is pleasant happy I can move on and that you can I can not make it leave and I would not if I could. I opened my self up and it was good until it wasn't any more. I have learned that not every one is going to tell you the truth and most of the time people are just as confused or more so than you. We are all broken the point of love is to find someone who loves you as you are and as you will be. Someone who will fix you up better than you were before while you do the same for them. Until then i am happy as I am now =]
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