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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Viva Las Vegas

SO I just found this post saved in my drafts and it has a few pictures from the trip from Florida so I figured I would publish it!
Thankfully Hubby is pretty good at packing so we didn't need a Uhaul. We just pack our truck RIDICULOUSLY full...
Beverly Hillbilly's style  
Jon's dad took tons of pictures of the truck as it drove through the many state to get to Nevada. We were looking really classy going down the road let me tell you.
Louisiana is Jon favorite place to stop when we are traveling across America. When he moved me to  Utah for the summer in 2011 he would pull over in the most backwoods gas stations in Louisiana just to hear them talk. Funny now... not so funny when  you are 10 miles from the high way in the most rundown gas station that just happens to look like the perfect setting for a horror movie.
We stopped in Texas and spent a day with my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. They had just got the most adorable puppy who just loved Ruca. She had so much fun in Montgomery.

They were seriously in love. They cuddled or they played like maniacs the whole time.

Then it was back on the road for hours and hours of driving. Sorry there aren't more pictures of us. The one below is the only half way decent picture. I spent the week with no make up and my hair a mess so any pictures that were taken will never see the light of the internet.
Im not sure if you can truly tell what is going on in this picture but in front of me is a plate of spaghetti with a side of mashed potatoes... Oh the cravings of Pregnancy.

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