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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Baby Watch 2013

So I figured since I haven't been super active on the blog front I would add some pictures of my bump over the past almost 8 months ( I am officially 31 and 1/2 weeks... every day counts). I started out so good and would take pictures every week and then real life set in and none of the pictures looked good and they slowly got farther and farther apart and now my pregnancy updates are usually taken in the bathroom at work because that is the only time that I even remotely look like a human. But anyways here is a picture dump hopefully in order.
I cant even remember being skinny! I felt so huge already though!

Pretty much the week I started to show is the week I gave up on taking a good picture... Notice from here on out every picture has a weird face in it... and is in a bathroom....
She was just trying to figure out how she felt about this little boy... 
Just had to thrown one in of my current baby... she hated it
19 weeks
This was 21 weeks I think
23 Weeks

25 weeks
27 weeks
And this was yesterday at 31 weeks 

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