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One Day

This page is dedicated to the list of things that I will accomplish. 
I have kept a journal pretty much my whole life of adventures I need to live
 and accomplishments that must be fulfilled.
 Somethings are very big some are small.
   Some are silly while others are very serious.
I thought this would be a fun way to document what  want and what I have done. 
So follow along if you would like.

Get Married in the Temple GO to Italy Plant a GARDEN ( that actually grows) Jump Out of a PLANE Write a book BUILD a House Graduate from college Create a LIFE  Keep a Journal for my future Kiddos 
Shake hands with the PROPHET Create Something  Hot Air Balloon RIDE 
Live out side the USA TRAVEL: Africa, France, England Holland Skinny Dip Walk on the beach in Hawaii Run a 5k  Run a Half marathon 
Sleep on Top of  a mountian Find out where I come from: Family History Swim with Dolphins Make a quilt  Serve a Mission with my Hubby Live and work Somewhere besides Florida  Wake board Camp in with Mountains See machu picchu Fly over Nazca Lines Hold a monkey  Own a Home Be Debt Free
Visit my Dad in Alaska GO to BRAZIL Start a Business

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