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My name is Sarah and I currently live in sunny Florida. My Husband and I moved back to my hometown after we got married so I could finish school. I am a senior studying Event Management with a minor in Non Profit Management. I love my major! I get to work with amazing people who want to change the world all the while throwing awesome parties. I spend my days at the beach, when I am not swamped with school or work, which come to think of it is just about never. 

This blog is a mess.... 
Kind of like me 
I am not 
 a cook 
 a health nut
a fashion blogger
I don't know what my niche is 

What I do know is.....
My hair is always a mess 
I like to pretend that I have some semblance of style
But I can barely match my clothes at times
Really silly things come out of my mouth,
Mostly on their own I have nothing to do with it
 I like music, photography and running 
I love my Husband, my dog, and my life

If your are new and want to start some where:

1 comment:

Cramer Coffee and Jesus said...

Love it! Love that you are so opposite (and honest) about not being like what most other bloggers claim to be. You and your hubs are cute! Found your blog from over at Momma's me time sidebar! Newest follower and excited to read more from you!

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